Thursday, June the 28th. 2012

12:30pm- Auditioned for Edward Crader’s studio. He has vision to “perfect” my range up through high c..and help me with belt in lower voice. COOL. Lessons at $30 per half hour.. better start saving now. It’s scary to trust my voice to someone though.. eeeee.. and he has a totally different method of breathing. O well, learning is a good thing! Weekly lessons start July 12th!

4pm- Tap Practice

5:30- Dance Fusion Class..Awesome! Like Zumba but more Hip-Hop based. YESSss!

6:45-7pm- STRETCH

8pm- Lesson with Sian (new 3 yr. old Violin Student) She is very smart, her grandma wants her to learn the beggining of Twinkle by Monday! woo woo. Challenge on! 

Pressin’ on.

Hello Blog,


Wow.. is that straight out of a jr. high chick flick or what!. LOL..

I think I might start using more creative titles instead of Day 1, Day 2 etc. Like maybe a key word to descride the day or SOMETHING!


12pm-Taught a Voice Lesson

2pm-3:30pm- Training at Home Shopping Network for upcoming shows this week!

5:45-7- Tap Class at Patel Conservatory

7:15-9- Jazz Class

9:30- Stopped by 97 West (a Church Singles Social Group) Always have interesting interactions there and good food!

The Eternal Optimist: The Joys of Young, Emerging Artist Kendall McGuire *Day 1*

wooooooooooo! Exciting. The thought of entering some of my travels, experiences and joys is truly beautiful; which brings me to the question, “Why didn’t I start blogging sooner?”… But never mind that now. Here we are.

And that is something that I do in live.. I move on.. I move forward.. You have to. We cannot live in the regrets of the past, when there is a daring future full of the brightest hopes outstreched for us to ramble in! And ah my friends.. that is life! Well, mine, a life worth living.. and being enjoyed. And that is what I do.

I live deeply and strangely. I am not average, nor would I be content to be.

So, along the lines of moving on…. I have for years regretted not sticking with dance.. or doing more (ie. jazz/tap) At 18 I said, “Well I am too far behind, all the other little girls began at 4″.. so I didn’t take classes then.. years went by.. At 25 I say, “O! If only I had started at 18!”.. and the cycle continues.. So the question is.. WHEN? If ever, my darling (which is often what I call myself, as I am rather darling, and equally as dear to myself :) WILL you begin?”.. and the answer is now. All fears aside. NOW! So I am browsing options. JAZZ. TAP. Here we come. I need to be able to pick up these tricky dance callback combo quick! or quicker.. and that’s improvement. You see you have to congratulate yourself for the little truimphs. PROCESS. It’s the process.. Don’t be so caught up in the end Project..that you lose your muliplicity of tiny truimphs. so YAY Kendall, you are search, open and ready to lace up those tap shoes, and slide on those jazz booties. LET’S GO! Summer 2012.. I’m ready for you!


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